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AC/DC Concert - Detroit 16-Aug-2009

Triple present : My birthday - Retiring at 68 - Best concert EVER

Also happened to be in Cleveland 1-Jan
The tour by the Australian band covered three continents and about 18 months

Cool link of an AC/DC Spreadsheet Concert :


The Stage
IMG_0104.jpg (108840 bytes)
"The Palace"
IMG_0012.jpg (107239 bytes)
The Shirts
IMG_0019.jpg (156836 bytes)
My First Shirt Ever
IMG_0021.jpg (125414 bytes)
Chip and Todd
The Party
IMG_0023.jpg (115659 bytes)
Hells Bells
IMG_0088.jpg (126325 bytes)
Shook me All Night
IMG_0043.jpg (122427 bytes)
Dirty Deeds
IMG_0048.jpg (126533 bytes)
Back in Black
IMG_0060.jpg (112539 bytes)
Highway To Hell
IMG_0070.jpg (123406 bytes)
20 Minute Solo
IMG_0117.jpg (96527 bytes)
IMG_0152.jpg (107622 bytes)
Subhash from India
IMG_0166.jpg (99970 bytes)
Next Concert?
IMG_0169.jpg (143880 bytes)
Concert List
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